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Boar artificial insemination

Boar Artificial Insemination

Navigen Boar Artificial Insemination

Boar artificial insemination

We are:

  • Ensuring our products’effective conservation for 5 days;
  • Providing cheap but effective diluents;
  • Supporting satisfactory pregnancy rates;

How to make best semen for artificial insemination with use of NAVIGEN:

NAVIGEN is an 11x concentrated liquid solution. You have to mix this solution with distilled water before diluting semen.
(i.e. Dilute 100ml of NAVIGEN with 1,000 ml of distilled water, to make 1,100ml of preservatives)

To Artificial Insemination for PIG:

  • 1st process : Before collecting semen, please store NAVIGEN at approximately 35~36 ℃.
  • 2nd process : After collecting semen, please maintain temperature of NAVIGEN according to the temperature of the semen.
  • 3rd process : Within 30 minutes after collecting semen, please dilute NAVIGEN according to the previously determined mixing ratio by the number of sperm.
  • 4th process : Mix minimum 2~3 billion sperms with 50~80 ml of NAVIGEN, and then, store this mixture at semen storage at 17 ℃.