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Q. Why is NAVIGen liquid? Is there any advantage for it is liquid?
A. Yes, NAVIGEN is liquid sperm preservation.
In case of mixing the existing powder diluents with distilled water, you have to stir this mixture for 1 hour 30 minutes or more in order to make the diluents dissolve completely in water. As a result, the mixture’s pH or osmotic pressure can be stable. So, the diluents’ original efficiency can be fully utilized.
However, compared to the powder diluents, NAVIGEN which is liquid type can be completely mixed with distilled water after being stirred for 5~10 minutes. The mixture’s pH and osmotic pressure can also regain their stability in short time. With such reduction of stirring time, you can increase your work efficiency.
In addition, NAVIGEN is a highly concentrated liquid solution that is hygienic to prevent any microorganisms.

Q. How many specific kinds of the product of NAVIGEN do you have?

A. NAVIGEN is an 11x concentrated liquid solution. There are two kinds of this product. By amount of the product, there are a product for 1L (100ml NAVIGEN pouch) and a product for 10L (1L NAVIGEN pouch).

Q. I opened the pouch of NAVIGEN to use. But, the pouch was ripped off too much. How can I keep it after opening?

A. Your NAVIGen may not be mixed with sterilized distilled water yet, even if you already opened its pouch. In this case, you have to keep this NAVIGEN in another container can be sealed to prevent the inflow of air before use.
But, in case that you already diluted your NAVIGEN with sterilized distilled water after opening the pouch, we recommend you to store it at refrigerator and use it within a week if possible.